Simon Cowell had an accident on an electric bike

Simon Cowell had an accident on an electric bike

Simon Cowell
“If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time.I have broken part of my back.”

TV personality and talent seeker Simon Cowell got a new e-bike. The Daily Mail reports it was an $8,500 CAB Recon (pictured above), which CAB Motorworks claims is “the most powerful production electric bicycle on the planet.” It’s capable of going more than 60 mph. So really this is a motorcycle with pedals.

Cowell fell off his bike at his Malibu, California, home on Saturday and broke three vertebrae his back. According to the Sun, he accidentally pulled a wheelie and it sounds like he was thrown from the back of the bike. He’s now undergone surgery to insert a steel rod into his spine and is recovering. He barely avoided being paralyzed.

Cowell is British and splits his time between his homes in the UK and the US. And as UK micromobility retailer Pure Electric points out, there’s a big difference between what’s allowed in the UK and the US when it comes to e-bikes:

US e-bikes:

Motors allowed up to 750 watts
3 tiers of e-bike class
Some e-bike motors operate even if you’re not pedaling (more like an electric motorbike)
Motors cut out at 20mph
Level 3 bikes cut out at speeds of 28mph

UK e-bikes:

Must be 14 years old to use one
Motor restricted to 250 watts
Motor no longer assists pedaling when speed reaches 15.5mph
Must pedal for motor to operate
If an e-bike doesn’t meet these requirements it is classed as a motorcycle
So e-bike riders in the US have access to a lot more power, and regulations are looser. US people (and you too, UK folks), read the manual, wear a helmet, and ride carefully.


All electric bikes and scooters sold at are made specifically for USA and come with manuals.